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Notes on the BHAVA's production progress

January 19, 2021

Having been chosen for one of the new Digital Scholarship Grants from the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), we now have what we need to bring BHAVA to fruition this year.  It’s an exciting time!  We’ve drawn up a schedule of four phases for the work:

  1. area bibliography collection  (January-May)
  2. area bibliography indexing  (June-October)
  3. area bibliography centralization and data normalization  (September-October)
  4. BHAVA launch and feedback  (November-December)

As we enter Phase 1, we are coordinating with all the other twelve area bibliography curators (in addition to ourselves) to collect references to published scholarship on bhakti and important editions of primary texts.  We continue to benefit from conversations with Lana Soglasnova, whose expertise as a South Asia Librarian has helped us optimize BHAVA’s Faceted Classification Table and envision potential uses beyond BHAVA. We will periodically add updates to this webpage, as our work proceeds. If anyone who is reading this would like to join the project or contribute bibliographic references, we would love to hear from you through our university email addresses.

The Search Interface Prototype page runs the plugin that connects with the Zotero group library. Right now, the plugin is in alpha phase and the library contains a limited set for testing basic search functions. With funding from the AIIS Digital Scholars Grants, the plugin will undergo further development toward full-functioning and tested version during the year of 2021.