Bhakti Virtual Archive

Grants & Outcomes

Three grants have enabled us to take incremental steps in developing BHAVA. We are grateful for their encouragement and support.

Carnegie-Whitney Grant (American Library Association, 2019)

  1. created the Faceted Classification System for cataloging bibliographic items
  2. conceived and developed a WordPress plugin for faceted searching and pulling records through Zotero’s API
  3. created this RBSN website, to host BHAVA’s developmental stages and eventual final product
  4. collaborated with the Digital Humanities Labs at the University of South Florida 

DH@MSU Summer Seed Grant (Michigan State University, College of Arts and Letters, 2018)

  1. brainstormed search interface features for BHAVA to visualize potential challenges and possibilities
  2. designed static image mockups for a possible search interface
  3. incorporated mockups into an HTML walkthrough of a proposed user interface (for illustration only)

Undergraduate Research Initiative (Michigan State University, College of Arts and Letters, 2017)

  1. hired an undergraduate student to help compile a regional bibliography of Marathi- and Maharashtra-related bhakti scholarship
  2. mentored this student to research on Marathi women poets and present a paper at MSU’s undergraduate research conference