Bhakti Virtual Archive

Search Interface (prototype)


This is a working prototype of the BHAVA search page, using the WordPress plugin we are developing. This page demonstrates the process of searching a pilot set of bibliographic references held in Zotero, by means of terms in the Faceted Classification System. This prototype is a significant milestone: it carries out faceted queries quickly and interfaces fully with Zotero through its API. In terms of design, inclusion of all facets, visual layout, and Boolean operators, the prototype is still in development. Static image mockups of a possible final design of the search interface will guide us in creating a more aesthetic user experience. Full technical details explaining how this interface functions can be found on the Technical Components page.

A feature of the interface is that it enables only those check boxes whose terms appear in the cataloged bibliographic references.  Since the library is currently limited to a pilot set for the sake of testing, many boxes are grayed out.  Once bibliography curators finish cataloging references and fully populate the database, all of the boxes will become available and return results on queries.

To search BHAVA’s Zotero-based library (pilot set of references), please check any of the available terms below and click “Search”.