Project Progress

In this blog page we record the progress of the BHAVA project and mention milestones in the development. We regularly add dated news and information.

June 21, 2021

We’re writing to all curators with a request to send to us by the end of June a RIS file with the items collected have so far, whether indexed or not.  We’ll use this to ensure that our process of integrating curators’ bibliographies into our central database goes smoothly, as it will be much better for us to discover potential integration problems now than later in the year. There are instructions on the final page of the BHAVA guidelines sheet for exporting from Zotero and EndNote to an RIS file.

May 21, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the BHAVA indexing interface is now fully functional:

With this, we will now begin Phase 2 of the project—indexing the records curators collected.  For the sake of consistency, we request curators to use the interface for this.  As curators consider an individual item (say, a journal article), they can use the interface by clicking on at least one term from each facet on the table, which will “load” that term into the search box.  When curators have finished selecting the relevant terms for that item, they can click on the blue “Copy” button for everything to be transferred to their computer’s clipboard.  They then paste that material into the Notes field (if you’re using Zotero) or the Research Notes field (in EndNote).

All of the facets except for Topics are closed vocabularies.  If curator feel that something important is missing in any of those, they can email us and we can add it.  The Topics facet is open; we want people to add to the list of terms there.  After pasting the interface-generated text into the Notes (Zotero) or Research Notes (EndNote) field, curators can type in any additional terms that you think are useful.  If curators have a question about a particular item or feel that indexing on it isn’t yet complete, they can also type into that field “Flag=” following by a brief description of their question or what needs to be done. We then will review the “Flag” field after submission.

We ask that curators finish collecting items into their area bibliographies by the June 30 and finish indexing by October 31.  By this, we want to check and get a realistic sense of the overall progress, so that we can take care of the funds and responsibilities that came with the AIIS grant that is supporting this project.

March 5, 2021

We’ve heard back from most people now, and based on that, it’s looking like we may be able to set up a couple group meetings.  This meeting will be to 1) finalize the classification table terms, and 2) introduce the indexing process. We’ve asked everyone to begin compiling their area bibliographies. We’d set a collection target of 25 bibliographic references for the end of February.  We’d like people to try to aim for 100 references by the end of March, to stay on schedule.

January 28, 2021

Now that we have the AIIS Digital Scholarship Grant, we’re able to work on completing the Bhakti Virtual Archive.  We have a substantial description of the project background and prospects at For now, we’re requesting that curators 1) start collecting their area bibliographies, and 2) check out our Faceted Classification Table, which we all will use to catalog bibliographic entries.  All but one of the Table’s columns/facets will be closed vocabularies; curators will need to choose one of the provided terms from each column/facet.  The exception is the Topics column/facet, which will be “open” in the sense that curators can catalog items with anything that they think is relevant.

December 10, 2020

We’re delighted to report that the Bhakti Virtual Archive was chosen by the AIIS to be one of its grant recipients this year.  We thank everyone for the support and encouragement over the years. With this AIIS grant, we’ll plan to bring BHAVA to fruition next year (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2021).  We plan to send to the member of the group details and plan to meet virtually in January.