Bhakti Virtual Archive

Search Interface


BHAVA’s search page is currently in development.  It uses a WordPress plugin and a Zotero-based pilot set of bibliographic references to carry out faceted queries through Zotero’s API.  Some aspects of the interface, such as visual layout and Boolean operators, will continue to evolve over time. We hope the finished version will resemble the static image mockups that we created to guide this effort to create a more aesthetic user experience. Full details about interface functionality can be found on the Technical Components page.

At the moment, the Copy button on the page enables BHAVA’s bibliography curators to use the interface to generate classification tags for indexing their respective area bibliographies.  This will tag generating component will not be visible to end users in the final version.

Any terms below that are underlined contain additional notes that explain how we are using them within BHAVA.  Notes will pop up automatically if you hover your mouse pointer over the term. To clear all the checkboxes and reset the form, please click the “Clear Selection” link.